Cold Pressed Oil Delivery in Mysore

Mysore city has its own traditions and with love, parambariyam has been delivering oils to the doorsteps of our beloved customers across Mysore. We Delivery oils that have the following to people across Mysore with the following qualities. Buy the cold pressed oil directly from the oil mill through parambariyam online store and get the delivery from your doorstep.

  • 100% Organic oil
  • Cold Pressed
  • Native Crushing method
  • No chemical included
  • 100% no fertilizer used for growing crops
  • Sulphur not used while drying.
  • Provides best health results on the body.

We deliver the following oils to your doorsteps.

  • Cold Pressed Coconut oil
  • Cold Pressed Groundnut oil
  • Cold Pressed Gingelly/ Sesame oil.

Cold Pressed Oil Delivery in Mysore

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