Cold pressed sesame oil

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Cold pressed sesame oil contains the Anti oxidant, Anti inflammatory and Anti-viral

Helps to cure from the damaged skin and Black spot.

Protects from the UV rays and which helps to maintain the oil moisture in the hair shaft

Helps in bone growth, reduce high blood pressure and maintains good health




Making Process :-

Traditionally extracted from cleaned and good quality sesame seeds, seeds are harvested on our forms and directly brought from other farmers.

These seeds are tried and placed on chekku and pressed.

During the preparation, we add pure palm Jaggery as which is helps to keep the aroma and taste.

extracted oil has been allowed to sediment in oil tank for three to four days. 

Then we will take the filtered oil into Tin and bottle. 

It also is known as Cold pressed gingelly oil and Til oil, which is 100% cholesterol free. It is not just oil which is also used as medicine.

We assure if you take this oil regularly, it keeps you away from many health issues. 

Benefits of Cold Pressed Sesame Oil:-

Hair Health: Cold pressed Sesame oil has traditionally been used to condition the hair. It helps to reduce hair loss. Its anti-bacterial property helps to keeps your hair dandruff free. Apply the generous quantity of sesame oil to your hair 30 minutes before bathing and wash your hair. This will keep your hair shining and healthy.

Skin Health: Unrefined Sesame oil is rich in zinc and vitamin E. Intake of sesame oil, smoothens the skin prevents from premature aging.

Heart Health: Wood pressed Sesame oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. This helps to keep the cholesterol level low. So this helps you the keep your heart healthy,

Bone Growth:  Gingelly oil contains lots of minerals like copper, calcium and zinc. These help to keep your bones strong and prevents you from osteoporosis.

Oral Health: Virgin Sesame oil is highly recommended oil pulling. Oil pulling is, put the small amount of oil into your mouth and goggle for around 10 minutes and spit it out. The fat in the oil traps all the bacteria. This helps you to keep your teeth healthy, whiter and plague free. It is recommended to do oil pulling once in a day, preferably in the morning.  By this process, dental health can be maintained in a natural way, without using chemical mouth wash.         

Full benefits of the oil can be reaped only if we use cold pressed oil. In refined oils, the natural properties will be lost due to bleaching and extracting of oil at high temperature.

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Good and helpful

It is good, affordable price to buy. My brother has cancer and doctor told to use marachekku ennai, and via Quora, I found this parambariyam. Its quality is quite good and it helps my brother to get recover from this cancer problem

Thiru NS

Awesome product , Used it for skin AND hair .

" AWESOME product " Used this for skin AND hair, it has done WONDERS for both! Makes the skin glowing and hair shiny.


Great! I love it!

I love sesame seed oil! Parambariyam is the only brand oil that I use regularly. This oil is fresh and very light. Organic and natural one. The bottle looks pretty. Each and every time I will get satisfied totally. Highly recommended one.


Great flavor

This oil has a great flavor and higher smoke point than many oils.


Good in taste

Awesome quality of cold pressed oil. Produced in a very hygienic condition. Was searching for a long period for a good quality cold pressed oil shop and finally found the best.<br /> Strongly recommend this shop.

E. Chandra banu

Taste is very good. delivery time is also quite faster.

Loved there deliver speed. the product is good and yes I feel of marachekku ennai taste. Good to use


One of the best and pure sesame oil

Sesame oil is good for health but now a day we couldn't find quality oils in market since long time I'm searching for good quality oils. Recently I've purchased sesame oil in online store from parambariyam, I just feel the freshness and the quality from the oil and thank you for your offer. I'm glad to be of your service.


Got it back

Was missing these oils , now got it via . rates are little high , but compare to other online seller it is low.<br /> keep up the good work guys..


Superior product and timely delivered

Superior product and timely delivered


Best place to get cold pressed oils

Best place to get cold pressed oils



Finally found a place to buy pure original items


I am used this product quality is very good n also good for heal

I am used this product quality is very good n also good for health.


Good quality of products

Good quality of products and great responsive guys


A very good move

"A very good move" - I bought "GingellyI oil"(Nallennai) a week back. At first i was not sure whether this product is originally made from marachekku. But when i used in home for cooking my mom and grandmother recognized it to be pure as how it was in their time. Parambariyam is a very good move that too in a city like Bangalore. Its going to bring a big change.



Very good initiation ..the product are very good and tastier reminded me the vintage kitchen .all the best to the team,expecting more products from you..


Great service

Very good quality and organic products.Great service


Looking for more products.

I purchased coconut oil from Parambariyam last week.It is good.Keep doing some more good products.


Very Good

A very nice initiative of bringing in healthy natural and traditional foods to be available online.The service offered is very good and quality is in par excellence compared to other stores and price being very reasonable.


Aroma and taste of oils are excellent

Keep up the good work Parambariyam Team. Expecting more good and quality products from your team. Aroma and taste of oils are excellent especially the Gingelly oil.


Ginelly oil is great

I bought gingelly oil. It is very good. Finally found a place to buy very good cold pressed oil. Super. Keep up the good work.



Packing is nice while delivery. Taste and aroma is Excellent. I will recommend to my friends.


Overall good experience

Amazing product. Online shopping experience was excellent.


Really like it

Good Taste and Natural smell. I bought first time for my child. She eat more dosa with Idli powder...


Natural Oils

All are Natural... Nice place to buy. Products Pricings are Lower than market..I personally suggest everyone to buy here.


Really worth for money and health

Really worth for money and health. tried last week and can see the different in taste. will buy more in coming days.



Recently purchased cold pressed oils from this company. Best quality of oils with free home delivery option. Strongly recommended chekku oil.



Just tried after reading the reviews online.. was double minded even after ordering a very small quantity.. but value for money and so far the best quality oil ever seen.. pls keep up the good work team

Nambirajan Sankaran

Good Product!!

On time we have received the product and the quality of product is so good!!


Gingelly Aroma is Awesome

Im using this oil for my daily cooking. I feel, im cooking my food which i tasted 25 years back when i was with my mommy in native. It is awesome and so natural.


Nallaennai super

Gingelly oil super.


Nallaennai super

Gingelly oil super.

Supriya Vidyasagar

Price are reasonable

I have ordered via online and oils are delivered on next day. <br /> Prices are reasonable. Quality Good. Cheers Guys..! Way to Go..!

Manikandan Ganeshan

Quality Good

Product quality,smells and taste is too good.<br /> It felt food taste entirely differs from using refined oils.<br /> Thanks for delivering faster.

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Cold pressed sesame oil

Cold pressed sesame oil contains the Anti oxidant, Anti inflammatory and Anti-viral

Helps to cure from the damaged skin and Black spot.

Protects from the UV rays and which helps to maintain the oil moisture in the hair shaft

Helps in bone growth, reduce high blood pressure and maintains good health

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