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Desi Cow Ghee

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Cow Ghee
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Mahesh B

Authentic taste

Authentic taste and got the product within 4 days.

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Need this pack in 1 or 2 lir

The Taste is good. I'm loving its. Can i get this in big amount, i mean in bigger pack


Good Taste

Smells Good and Seems to be Authentic.<br /> I personally bought this desi , it's feel good,


good desi cow ghee

This is one the good online website. I usually use more no of ghee onto my food. I really feel the good taste. yes, we can make a try on this, to know the quality of the desi ghee.

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Good taste and quality ghee

Very Good taste and it has many benefits such as lowering inflammation, helps in digesting the food, Rich in Anti-oxidants


Exceptionally Great Ghee!

I bought this Ghee once before and I loved the flavor of this ghee. I bought it again because of its fantastic taste and smell. Exactly ghee what I'm looking for. Also, I received this product on time also. I would like to recommend it to each and every ghee lovers.


சுவை மட்டும் மணம் அருமை

முதலில் ஓன்லைன் சுத்தமா நெய் கிடைக்கும் என்று நம்பவில்லை பிறகு சமூக வலைத்தளத்தில் உங்கள் விளம்பரம் பாத்தேன். அதன் பின்னல் உங்கள் வலைத்தளம் மூலம் நாட்டு பசு நெய் வாங்கினேன். மணம் மட்டும் சுவை அருமை. உங்கள் தூய்மை ஆனா நெய்க்கு பாராட்டுக்குறேன.

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Love the ghee smell

Ordered desi cow ghee and the took 2days for delivery. the product what i got i good and pure form.Most important is smell of the ghee, its totally grab me... overall 4star


Taste is very good. delivery time is also quite faster.

Ghee quality is good. The same of the ghee gives good flavor to my food.<br /> overall i liked it


Good taste and quality

Better than most of the other processed ghee brands. Good taste, uniform, homogeneous, no residue, no indication of vanaspati like material. Will re-order.

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Desi Cow Ghee

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