Thanks for reading about us,

Let’s start with small story how we entered into online e-commerce and why we called name as

To be honest, nothing is planned and everything is happened just like that ,We three of us working in IT industry, we are basically from Tamilnadu rural areas. 

When we interact each other came to know each one of our family  belongs to some traditional business community.

As we know due to corporate domination (big companies) these traditional business was infirmity. ( like maracheckku oil , palm  jaggery , homemade ghee , etc )

Very rare people in villages still use these traditionally made food items, we are one among them. Maximum of the people adapted to corporate products like refined oil , polished sugar, rice, etc ..  

We used to share those traditional food products among us ( like :- cold pressed oil , palm jaggery , ghee ). Slowly it is spread into other friends and neighbourhoods.

Whenever we go to native, bring these traditional foods from our village and later we started collecting it over parcel services as the demand is high.

Another thing our family has to produce more as our friends circle is grown-up. At the same time they are happy, because they make some money out of it.  More interestingly they work what our ancestors left to them.

The reason for the demand, now people are more health conscious and they found the traditional food is right choice to get rid of health problems.

Our friends spread across the city, we used to courier them when they ask on facebook or WhatsApp groups as these are very rare to find and get in cities.

I hope you remember on Jallikattu strike everyone was speaking about traditional foods and their benefits and also how we are missing those nowadays.  At that point we realized the value of naturally made traditional food products.  So we decided to put our traditional food products online and make it available for all those who really concerned about their family health. 

Our aim is to initially eliminate unhealthy refined oils, polished sugar from your kitchen and replacing them with the real traditional food items  which are healthy and delicious. We have taken up this ambitious project  and moving to each & every Indian household that our great ancestors used 50 years ago.

As we are trying to bring our traditional food on internet we named it as ““ as suggested by our friends.

Let's together move towards a Happier and Healthier future starting today!